full circle.

I was sitting with my niece Amiyah the other day. She began to talk about elephants, explaining that she wants to see an elephant, and why she wants to see the elephant. She picked up my phone, asking if I could find her an elephant on YouTube. At the moment I thought of a picture I took at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, I asked her to give me a moment to find the photo. She waited patiently, maybe in disbelief that I actually saw an elephant before. I was so elated to find the picture and show it to her. She was amazed. “Aunty Shyah, that’s YOU and ELEPHANT. WOOOW” She said, “I’m not scared, I want to go.” I smiled; my heart smiled. At the moment I was clear that I traveled to Thailand in February 2015 (before she was born) solely to take this picture, so that I can show it to her on June 4th, 2019 when 3-year-old Amiyah developed an interest in elephants.
I look forward to showing her some world.

7 thoughts on “full circle.

  1. Your love is so pure and genuine it radiates through this picture, you bring such joy to Amiyah, as we rode past you on the merry go round each time we went around she eagerly waited to see your smiling face and then she uttered the sweetest words, she said.., “I Love Her” 💖

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  2. Reading this post to then read the comments…I could cry but my heart is so smiling!!! I can’t wait till shes showing you an elephant like “look where we went.”


  3. ok i’m back and grounded

    reading these now

    will go back and review all archives

    much love! BK

    Brendalyn King (718) 614-3275

    *Currently indulging in: Recording Voice Notes on my iPhone on matters that move me*

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