answering the call.

the most magical parts of the journey for me always seems to be on the other side of an answered call. You know the call in the seat of your soul that tells you to do this, or that, switch locations, travel here. It’s never comfortable or convenient and what I’m learning is that it’s guaranteed to be magical, transformative and life-altering.

“they tried to bury us. they did not know we were seeds.”

This weekend I completed the Mama Glow Level One Doula Training in Brooklyn. Without sufficient language to describe the experience I will just say the weekend was sacred. It was divine. and the Glow has been activated!

I take on life as a game, there are some things you must do to get to the next level and until you do those things you continue to repeat the same level over and over. Repetition is necessary, especially as a way to seal in the lessons.  This training however, was a portal for me. It was literally me activating the next level of my journey as a birth worker, counselor, coach and advocate for women of color.

It all started November 2016, the day after the presidential election. I, like so many others was feeling pretty heavy that day. My body ached, my head ached, it was a gloomy day. It reminded me of NYC on September 12th, 2001 a feeling of somber so thick, I could never forget. I went into work and got a call toward the end of the day that a friend was progressing in labor. I rushed home, took a shower, changed clothes and went over to the hospital to offer my support. Shortly after arriving it was time for mama to push, I had been anticipating baby Aedyn’s arrival for quite some time but what I had not anticipated was the message she bought forth for me. Aedyn’s birth solidified that I am a doula, the way in which her birth transpired solidified that my voice would be used to advocate for women of color and my innate gifts would be used to nurture and heal the womb. I’ve attended births since Aedyn, I’ve done trainings, I’ve done research but there was something missing. What was missing was the training, nurturing and mentorship that I received this weekend at Mama Glow Level One Doula Training and to think, this is only the beginning. While still newly minted, I am firmly planted. I am a part of a collective of women that love me. I am trained by a Goddess who is walking in her truth, on her path. Latham has done the work and she left the door open for other Goddesses such as myself to walk in, to learn, grow and expand.

I’m super grateful for the opportunity. I am also super present to the obligation to answer the call. Our work is so much bigger than us or our temporary discomfort or inconvenience. Latham answered the call to develop this Doula Training, creating the space for a group of phenomenal women to answer their call. I will spend some in reflection about the weekend, I will share more, I’m sure. But for now…if you feel the call in the seat of your soul, go for it.


p.s. I’ve admired Latham Thomas @glowmaven from afar, she’s been my mentor in my head. She’s even more dreamy in real life. Love you Latham! Thank you for answering the call and holding the space for all of us to answer


Love you!

2 thoughts on “answering the call.

  1. Wow, what an incredibly awesome read daughter, you have such a way of leading people on a journey with your words , I feel as though I’m there with you. So very inspiring and uplifting blessings to you for following your call…….


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