there are no strangers.

traveled back to atlanta from new york this morning, my flight landed a little after 8am and i decided i would take marta into the office. still half asleep i walked into the marta station at the airport and purchased a one-way breeze ticket not paying much attention to my surroundings I began headed to the turnstile when a spanish speaking woman tapped me. i realized she did not speak english but i read her body language and was certain she needed assistance getting a breeze card. she took out her card and two five dollar bills, handed them to me and pointed to the machine. we walked over and i began following the prompts to refill her card, as i’m pressing the buttons she is steady tapping her card against the refill machine. i prompted her to place the money in the machine and printed her receipt. her face was filled with joy as she put her arms out for a hug. we exchanged a warm, hearty hug and she said some words in spanish. i couldn’t make out any of the words so i just smiled and we went our separate ways.

i live for connections that surpass what we would consider normal interactions.

i hope that woman had a fabulous day.


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