Half-Marathon Me.


about a week ago I ran my first half-marathon. I had a thought today about how quickly a goal becomes an afterthought once complete, at least for me. Running 13.1 Miles wasn’t something I would have predicted for myself, but it’s something I noticed myself admiring in others. I would get this jolt of excitement when I saw people complete marathons, sort of an admiration. Turns out that excitement was my body wanting to be pushed to that extent. In January, I decided I would sign up for the Brooklyn Half-Marathon, my Dad said he would join me… four months of training later and we did it!

Lessons from 13.1

  • My mind is literally the cheat code. If I declare I’m tired and don’t want to run, I have a shitty run. If I say I’m running 10 miles today, I run 10 miles, with ease.
  • I’m a sprinter. I can endure anything for a finite amount of time. I found myself wanting to run fast and be done. It was both humbling and joyous to slow down and witness myself go the distance. Turns out slow and steady really does win the race 🙂
  • The first two miles always seemed to be the hardest, I am now noticing where I may want to give up at the onset of discomfort and realizing that I haven’t even found my flow yet.
  • If you admire something in another, (or if you’re repulsed by something in another) it’s because it exists in you!
  • Doing something for the first time is just riveting!!! Do it!

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