there is nothing to be pensive about.

A few weeks (feels like days) ago, I ventured off to Las Vegas to spend some time at ObaKaye Temple. My trip was healing, restorative, insightful, and so much fun. One of the very best parts of this life has got to be the spontaneity… I did not know that I would get to see Sista Ash in Vegas. I did not know that we would get to spend our Sunday together in the garden at the temple. Laughing, catching up, and ultimately recording this piece for her online series– #RoadtoEntrepreneurship.

I was in my head about a lot of things, as I tend to be. This experience was so monumental for me because it magnifies the magic that happens when you let go of mulling things over in your head. When you let go of illusions of what you perceive things to be, and you just exist, in the moment. In pure joy, love, gratitude, and acceptance. Ashley asked to record this video, I obliged. It was a lot of fun.

Check it out, let us know what you think:

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