the stars have aligned.

Mercury stationed direct. whew. The new moon is in Aries, the beginning of a new lunar year. Beyoncè just resurrected my whole entire life. and I’m feeling like a weight lifted. The air around me is lighter. The vision is clearer. The inspiration is imminent. I am overjoyed. While Mercury Rx was tough for me, as it was for many I got something so worth the frustration and tears that were shed over the past few weeks. What was in review for me was my own self-worth. What came up? Who I am in relationship with others, who have I been over the past 7 years. I have Aries in my 7th house so there are no surprises that relationships were the highlight of my reflections…

… you’ll never stop loving hard. you’ll meet others on your path. you’ll love them deeply. you’ll keep learning, growing, creating, and you’ll keep opening your heart, until it learns not to contract in fear. You’ll let it burst at the seams maybe a million times over, in this lifetime. Next time as the seams burst, as the excitement overtakes you and your natural disposition leans toward altering yourself for another take a moment… in that moment make a promise to keep yourself first. It will be a challenge for someone like you but I think it will help with your transition. Instead of losing yourself or feeling like you are, you extend that big love so it includes you and if all else fails, and if all else continues to fail you know what you’ll have no matter what? you’ll have you!!! Xx …


light and dark.

light and dark.

been thinking a lot about the contrast, the relationship, the duality. Listening to Rev.Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr (I love to write his name full out, especially after reading FBI letters where he was addressed by his last name as they would not dignify his titles, and even then they still had to call that man KING! *shout* But I digress.) I was listening to the speech Unfulfilled Dreams where he spoke on the light and dark that inevitably lives within each of us.

light and dark in the world. light and dark within my own spirit. It’s really a beautiful balancing duality. Too bad we labeled it good and bad, that label haunts us forever. We prejudge, shy away from, or even become scared of or intimated by the dark.

I’m vowing to spend time honoring the dark. The shadow. The beauty. And how perfect that I sit under the sky during the new moon basking in the possibilities that can only be created in the dark. It really is the essence of creativity.

I am light and perhaps even more so, I am dark.