Black Lives Matter Is More Than A Hashtag

Today I completed International Center for Traditional Childbearing Full-Circle Doula Training! 7 sisters answered the call.

Every new journey I embark on there’s a sisterhood. A family. There for me.

I am a birth worker.

I set intentions for my hands.

These hands give life.

These hands give love and receive love.

These hands manifest and nurture and heal.






Yesterday 7.20.17 was a number 1 day. I never paid attention to the numerological value of a day until Ashley bought it to my attention that the day my lease was up was a number 9 day, a day of completion. It felt very much like an end–the emotions and uncertainty mixed with a sure feeling that I am on my path was very fulfilling. Yesterday I worked in DC, bought Simone Biles out for Triple Play Day then I rented a car and drove down to Richmond for Doula training.

“You are pregnant now, a spiritual pregnancy and I hope that ICTC will deliver this weekend” -Ms. Basmah

Ms. Basmah was onto something, giving birth comes in many forms throughout our lives and this 1 day was filled with the magic of new beginnings. I am surrounded by beautiful, thoughtful, Christ-like women. I am learning ancient history and traditions. I am happy. I am on my path. I am living my best life! I am a doula!

Note to Self 3.23

I must admit that I’ve been tripping. Not letting energy flow. Second guessing. Impatient. Off-balance. I give that up!!!

I am peace.

I am calm.

I am abundant.

I get what I want.

Things move in my life exactly when it’s suppose to. At just the right time and not a second sooner. I release uncertainty, fear, restlessness, nail biting. I know that I’m all things God works for the good of those that love him, who were called according to his will.


Love. Unbridled, accepted and reciprocated. Not just reciprocated like I love you too. Reciprocated like I see you. I feel you. I accept you, fully. Reciprocated like I’ll hold your hand tight and we’ll take our time because I know you are afraid, I am too. Reciprocated like this is a huge risk but we’re in this together. Reciprocated like let’s walk in the park, sit on the grass, cuddle, talk, walk, share, ideate, think, wink, laugh, smile. Reciprocated like we should do life together. Me and you. Reciprocated like, yeah. we should!