Do it.

Here lies your journey. On your journey, things will come up, inevitably. Some things will bring you great joy, pride, and satisfaction. Other instances on the journey will feel too great a burden to bear. There will be some realities you wish you could trade, overcome, and be done with forever, but this is your journey. All the pieces, parts, twists, turns, victories, and misfortunes were intricately and intentionally designed for you. They are meant to take you higher. They are intended to evolve you. They are designed to heal your lineage. They are meant for you to go through and to get through so someone else can find a slither of hope.
Here lies your journey–love it, cherish it, accept it, and trust that there is no better set of circumstances for you than these with which you have been met. May they take you higher than you thought yourself capable. May the joy of the journey always make itself available for you to find. May you always be willing to find that joy and share that joy in spite of and because…how else will there ever be light in this world.
Thank you for being a light. And thank you for being willing to do it–the tough thing, facing your seemingly unsurmountable circumstances. do it.
Do it so your little sister knows it can be done. Do it so that your little brother can heal. Do it so that your mentee can have a path to walk. Do it so that your niece and nephew won’t have to. Do it so that your children can go further. Do it just because…Whatever it is, do it. So that you can experience a manifestation of the strength, resilience and beauty that is you.

Love you!

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