the power of girls.


My homegirl Issa called me last weekend to check in on my heart. First off, rewind, let me just tell you how much it means to be checked on, especially by the intuitive who just feel like I’m dealing with something and they want to offer themselves maybe as an ear, or an anchor. It reminds me to check in and send love to my loved ones when they cross my mind, it’s not happenstance when someone crosses our mind, most times there’s something there when we take a moment to reach out. For example, last week my dear friend and confidante Halleemah left me the most beautiful and thoughtful voice note, I thanked her for it, but I am not able to conjure up or string together the proper words to express what her message did for my soul, I felt so uplifted. Being checked in on, receiving love, and nurturing from the people who love me gives me the strength and wherewithal to pour into others. Last weekend when Issa called me I was in North Georgia at the Power of Girls retreat. The Power of Girls is a non-profit organization that serves, inspires and empowers young girls to develop into confident, well-rounded global leaders. My friend Tameka Kee birthed this organization, she’s so passionate about it, and her passion for it has gotten all over me. A few months ago she invited me to facilitate a session with the 7th-grade girls, and I never left. Whatever I may be dealing with in my personal life, or with my own self-esteem, it all disappears when I’m with the girls the only thing that matters in those moments are their hearts, minds, and souls. So when Issa called me I ensured her that I was great, “I’m up in the mountains with the girls, we hiked this morning it was great” Issa and I haven’t known each other very long but she still has a way of seeing behind the veil, honestly if I had it my way I would have likely skipped the retreat and stayed in bed I had been feeling a little emotionally drained and somehow she could feel that. Going to the retreat was a choice, I chose to honor my commitment, I knew from past experience that time spent with the girls has a profound way of putting everything back into perspective. I wrote a note on my phone that weekend that said: “it’s okay to feel emotionally drained. it’s okay to be sad. it’s okay to feel your emotions. it’s okay to talk about what you’re feeling. it’s okay to want alone time. it’s okay to change your mind. it’s okay to say no. it’s not okay to abort the mission.” And that’s the whole point of me sharing this story, it serves as a reminder to myself that it’s not okay to abort the mission. Even when it’s shaping up to be different than you imagined, even when it gets tough and confusing, even when the purpose starts to become fuzzy, we are all here on borrowed time, we are here on earth, in this body on a mission. Our mission exists to serve those who are assigned to it, please don’t abort it. Lean on the power of your girls.

do nothing without intention.

p.s. The Power of Girls are taking their first international trip to London in June, if you find it in your heart to donate to the organization or sponsor a girl’s trip please visit their site and give to your hearts content.

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