you’re just perfect.

There’s nothing wrong with you, do you know that?
You are not broken, defected or from another planet.
Well maybe you are from another planet, must be that planet that creates the most beautiful deep loving, soul-soothing types of beings.
The ones that light up a room with their smile and cleanses the earth with their tears.
The ones that laugh with their whole body and love with their whole heart.
There’s nothing wrong with you.
You’re just a whole lot of goodness, and sometimes in such a cruel world, that can seem wrong. But you darling, you’re just perfect. Do you know that?

i wrote this note to myself and to souls like me, but really i wrote this for my niece Amiyah. Amiyah is three years old and she’s so sweet, sensitive and thoughtful. I want her to have the keys to kingdom thirty years before I got them. I want her to never not know her innate perfection.

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