Happy 2019.
I am 12 days into a 30-day detox (parasite cleanse) and 13 days into a whole new life. I was very intentional about allowing December 31st, 2018 to be a line of demarcation for me, while it may be just a change in the fiscal year it is also a magical vault where millions are aligned on resetting. For the baptist in the building, when two or more agree… I took advantage of the magic of a new year and also the switch in numerical vibration. I won’t go into a whole numerology conversation but 2018 vibrates to the number 11 or 2. 2+0+1+8=11… 1+1=2. In numerology 11 is considered a master number so it does not get reduced to a single number as do other compound numbers. the number 11 can be karmic in nature forcing us to deal with things that perhaps we swept under a rug or things that have been operating on a subconscious level. 2018 was all of that and more for me which is why it was important for me to set my intention on squeezing all the juice out of the lemon that was 2018, allowing 2019 to stand alone and without the leftover juice from 2018 if that makes ANY sense. 2019 vibrates to the number 3. 2+0+1+9= 12… 1+2=3. 3 is a number of manifestation, creativity, self-expression, and artistic expression. This year the universe is backing our creative pursuits. What we say and desire has extreme opportunity to manifest swiftly. I am living in the number three energy and I am loving it. I am also noticing exactly when I am in alignment and when and where I am out of alignment. For me my body lets me know, my emotions let me know too. When I am carrying out a task, be it work related or personal and I am in alignment I feel light, I feel energetic, I feel purposeful. I find my wit to be sharp, my laughter loud, and my body loose. When I am carrying out a task, as grand as a project, or as subtle as answering the phone and I am out of alignment I feel sluggish, I struggle to be present, my thoughts are scattered, I struggle to focus and make coherent statements, my body feels heavy…

My Vision: to live infinitely prosperous in spirit, in emotion, in finances, in career, in relationships, in love, and in life. I will create and manifest tangible expressions from my heart with my ancestors in mind, always. I will trust the infinite wisdom of my intuition, above all, always. I will allow. I will be lead in love, by love, at all times.

My Promise: Alignment is a word that is at the center of all that I do in January and beyond. I pledge to do more in alignment and to create a plan to remove myself from the things, people, and places that are not in alignment with my vision. I promise to let my soul sing.

What is your vision? What is your promise?


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