the root of suffering.

“seek to possess nothing or no one. seek to change nothing and no one. seek only to love. And in love, you are set free.”

the root of suffering perhaps lies in what we are seeking and ultimately what we are committed to. seeking to change another or even yourself is daunting whereas acceptance, sets you free. seeking to possess another causes frustration and anxiety, seeking only to love yields ease and peace. In any moment you may need to readjust your choice so that it can align with your truest intention.

be free. I love you. Xx

One thought on “the root of suffering.

  1. So spot on Shyah… Keep following your purpose so this way you can continue to inspire and motivate not just me but the many many people that admire and look up to you, I officially dub you as Shyah aka The Face Of The Millennials ❤️

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