Objectively looking at life, if there is an obstacle in the way of my greatest desire I typically find that it is I. Rarely do I find it necessary to look outside of myself. Sometimes it’s a thought, belief or subconscious way of being that has me forfeit or sabotage what it is I say I want. Sometimes it is my ego so attached to being right or so attached to things showing up a particular way that I do not get to revel in the perfect uncertainty of life showing up as it does. When life shows up as it does it allows me to have what I need in any moment and sometimes what I need, what we need, shows up to the eye different from the way we conjured it up in our mind. The mind can be limiting, sometimes we create within the barriers of fear, and probably almost always within the barriers of survival because it is instinctual to survive. it is instinctual to act and create and live in survival mode. it really takes a shaking, an awakening to shift our thoughts and actions. I am a believer that magic presents itself in uncertainty so revel is what I choose. I choose to revel in the magic of uncertainty–  loving, creating, working and accepting all that comes and all that goes. Even the limiting thoughts, and bounded creations. I am out of my way. surviving is not thriving and thriving may first appear as extreme discomfort. thrive anyway.

Sometimes I am amazed when the fullness of the Universe is so aligned with little ‘ole me but then I am reminded that I am the fullness of the Universe. Some of my most clear downloads, thoughts and visions happen along the shore or 20,000 ft in the air but anyway, here I am on the shore realizing that the only thing between me and anything I say I want is me. I am committed to raising my vibration. I am committed to being a vibrational match for my wildest desires. And because relationships are where I transform, where I learn the most about myself it is in perfect order that here I am relationing (yup, made that up) on the beach while these thoughts are becoming clear. In a conversation I am invited to listen to an audiobook titled “UNFU*K YOURSELF: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life” at the moment it was the most profound confirmation of my thoughts. I encourage you to listen or read and allow this philosophy to wash over you as it did me.

*thoughts/notes after listening to the audiobook UNFU*K YOURSELF! Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life

I am willing. I am wired to win. I got this. I embrace the uncertainty. I am not my thoughts I am what I do. I am relentless. I expect nothing and accept everything.

I am unwilling to have stagnation in my life.
I am unwilling to be comfortable if my life isn’t working.
I am willing to change my life.
I am willing to do the work.
I am willing to change my habits, heal and evolve.

I recommend this book AND I would love to hear all about where you are willing and unwilling in your life. book club anyone?


purchase here


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