Keep Shining!

Monday morning Tidal put out a J A Y E L E C T R O N I C A playlist and my heart is so full. You know you have those artist that you just vibe with on another level, he isn’t the most consistent AND his work is perfect, timeless and forever aligned with me, with the times, that’s art. I’ve listened to Shiny Suit Theory on repeat non-stop like it’s new. It’s definitely one of my favorite songs, bonus points because my spirit animal is on it (yeah Hov! yeah Hov!) anyway, I’m sharing this song, Letter to Falon for your listening pleasure. The lyrics encompass so much of my feelings and my souls cry. Lyrics are essentially at the core of my love affair with music. The way they touch so deeply and poetically express my feelings perhaps better than I am capable of any given moment, that’s magic! enjoy and Keep Shining!


I was born on Tatooine with dreams of sand, I kept going
The blind would undermine my plans, I kept growing
God bless the child that has, I kept building
One can’t rewind the past, I push forward
The pain was too much to bear, I kept hurting
Nobody could feel me there, I kept quiet
The tears would begin to well, I just fought em
They say you gotta pay your dues, I just bought em
What they don’t know won’t hurt em’
I pledge to never be no one’s burden
Mama said never disrespect your neigbors
Cause next week, we might have to check for favors
That’s science, I could never thank her for it
And 20/20 hindsight is so euphoric
Keep shining, nobody could stop your progress
Because unknown forces move some known objects
That’s magic

I walked across the water
I came by myself
I climbed the highest mountain
And I never being nailed

The long road home, the crown, the throne, I kept searching
Made time to find my own, I kept asking
Never ever strayed the course, I kept passion
Tried to reconnect my force, I kept fasting
Felt something inside my soul, I kept reaching
And even though that verse got old, I kept preaching
Even when the mosque got cold, we kept teaching
Selling Final Calls on Broad and Allegheny
Cause who gon save them babies?
And finally put a definite into all those maybes
A scholar and a gentleman to all those ladies
The haters and the naysayers say y’all so crazy
That physics, a necessary part of the story
And 20/20 hindsight is so euphoric
Keep shining, nobody could stop your progress
Because unknown forces move some known objects
That’s magic.

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