my healing is your healing. my joy is your joy. my pain is your pain.

your life is my life. your habits are my habits. your heart is my heart.

thank you for nurturing me, loving me, birthing me.

thank you for the moments you persisted when you had nothing left in you to give.

thank you for the days you wanted to give up but you didn’t.

thank you for the times you did not know what to do but you did something.

thank you for your grace. for making it all look and feel so effortless.

thank you for listening to my stories as if they were the most interesting.

thank you for carrying me.

thank you for pushing when you were tired.

thank you for smiling when on the inside you were crying.

words are so futile when measuring my gratitude, my love, my reverence.

you are beauty defined. grace personified. love, perhaps overqualified.

i chose you. and if given the chance i would choose you over and over.

and over. forever. my lady.

with love and gratitude.

happy mother’s day!

6 thoughts on “mother.

  1. If only you could see my face etched with tears, this is absolutely beautiful daughter. I’m so glad God allowed this young inexperienced lady the opportunity to raise such an amazing child.

    Thank you for always making me proud, thank you for not succumbing to our surroundings but soring above and beyond. I love you more than life itself. Thank you for cleansing my soul with my tears from your eloquent words.

    My heart is forever full….. 💖

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