Yesterday 7.20.17 was a number 1 day. I never paid attention to the numerological value of a day until Ashley bought it to my attention that the day my lease was up was a number 9 day, a day of completion. It felt very much like an end–the emotions and uncertainty mixed with a sure feeling that I am on my path was very fulfilling. Yesterday I worked in DC, bought Simone Biles out for Triple Play Day then I rented a car and drove down to Richmond for Doula training.

“You are pregnant now, a spiritual pregnancy and I hope that ICTC will deliver this weekend” -Ms. Basmah

Ms. Basmah was onto something, giving birth comes in many forms throughout our lives and this 1 day was filled with the magic of new beginnings. I am surrounded by beautiful, thoughtful, Christ-like women. I am learning ancient history and traditions. I am happy. I am on my path. I am living my best life! I am a doula!

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